Posted on 24/07/2024

Each architect has his or her own unique style, approach to design, and methods of work. So it is important to find an architect who will listen to you and understands your needs and requirements. If you have already worked with a particular architect and feel comfortable working with them again, it makes sense to call him or her. If not, you’ll have to do a little research according to your needs and requirements.

Make a list of potential architects

Find out who designed the projects in your community that you like. Get recommendations from friends, relatives, or acquaintances who have worked with architects and even from the internet. Check to see if the architect is a member of the Council of Architecture (COA).

Research the architect’s specialization

The architectural profession covers a broad range of building types. While all architects are qualified to design residential buildings, most will have a specialization with which they are most experienced. Schools, hospitals, or warehouses, for example, must satisfy a different set of requirements and go through a different permitting process than a custom home. Further, architects specializing in larger building types may be less interested in taking on residential work. So while choosing an architect first does a research about the architect or the firm and the type of work they are working on.

Go through architects portfolio

Architects specializing in residential design can satisfy a range of styles, most will have an aesthetic that they feel strongly about. After we shortlist a list of architects, go through their social media pages or browse the architect’s website and ensure that their aesthetic is aligned with yours.

Choosing your architect

Ultimately, you will choose the architect whom you trust and feel is right for the project. The architect provides professional services, not a product. The right architect will be the one who can provide the judgment, technical expertise, and creative skills to help you realize a project that fits your practical needs as well as your dreams.

Identifying the services you need

You may already know the scope of professional services required for your project, but most owners want to work with their architect to identify what is needed. Different projects require different combinations of architectural services. An early task is to identify those services essential to the success of the project.

Good communication

The choice of an architect by the client depends on his satisfaction gathered during the discussion where conversation skills play a vital role. The client needs to set up confidence and trust in the architect and good communication is the key to land your dream project.

Express your ideas

The first step for a productive working relationship is to listening to the client’s requirements and needs in order to fully appreciate what they want from an architect is fundamental. To get the best work an architect needs to understand how clients work and about their ambitions and their perspectives therefore the relationship between an architect and client has to be carefully managed. Building a house is one of the important times and it also costs a lot so choose an architect who listens, understand, communicate and deliver what the client requires.

Meet with the architect

The process of designing and building your dream home can often last years. You will or have several meetings with your architect and you will get to know one another well. As architects specializing in residential design, we recognize how personal each project is to our clients and we want to ensure that we work the best for their dream home. In order to do so, we want to get to know you and your family.

Understand the architectural fees

Architectural fees depending on the complexity, area, location and scope of the project. When you approach an architect talk to them about your budget and it will be much easier for the architect to work with.

Team work

The best building projects are created when the client and architect work together as a team and takes an active role. Don’t delegate decision-making to a spouse or business partner unless you are prepared to live with his or her decisions. Designing a building is an exciting, creative challenge. The process can be fun, satisfying, and positive and also can be hard work. There will be a team working behind the projects from the initial to final stage.

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