Mr. Jixon Paul & FamilyThrissur

A professional, approachable firm with great ideas and designs.

It was great to collaborate with such a professional and approachable firm for architectural services of my house in Thrissur, given that I’ve never met them personally all the communication was over email, phones and WhatsApp.

Ar. Sreerag and Vishnu were quick in converting my requirement to drawings and detail drawings. Ms. Ginu and Ms.Veena was always available on call to support, As the house is under construction CREO still continues to support through stage inspections and day to day queries. I would recommend CREO Homes to anyone looking for professional architectural services.

Mr. Sreejith Kurup & FamilyPandalam

We were planning for our dream home. One of our friend suggested Creo Homes. By visiting by the website and the unique designs we were so impressed and got a confidence that they can bring our dream to a reality.

We contacted Creo Homes, they visited the site and within a week came up with the base design. There were multiple iterations based on the vastu. The design team is happy to do the changes until we are 100% satisfied with the design.

Their quality of drawing is amazing and these drawings help me to build my home with 0% reworks. Without proper design reworks will cost us a lot during the execution. With the experience in the exterior design I didn't have a second thought on giving the Interior design and execution to Creo Homes.

Creo Homes use our ideas as a starting point and created something better than we could have imagined. Creo Homes is a company I rely on for expert advice. They gave us a lot of advice in making our home a reality. They helped us a lot in material selection curious selection etc. Even we as a customer may compromise on the quality, but Creo Homes will never compromise on the quality. We strongly recommend Creo Homes to future homeowners. "Bring your ideas and enjoy the Creo Magic"
From the bottom of our heart we would like to thank the entire Creo team involved in our dream project
Sales : Arun and Ginu
Operations : Veena and Jisny
Design : Ar. Sreerag , Elizaba , Vishnu , Neethu , Jijo , Anson
Execution : Tony , Vysakh , Blesson , Jibu , Nijo
Sorry for those names which I missed in the list. Once Again thanks to the entire Creo Team...…

Mr. Paulson Varghese & FamilyAngamaly

I had availed Architectural Design service earlier this year from Creo Homes for my new home. It was a wonderful experience and the whole bunch of skilled people were there to help me with what I was looking for. Ms. Ginu from Sales team explained me the whole process and from then, during each stage of discussions further, there were professionals from various departments. Ms. Jisny was my point of contact from Creo and she was coordinating very well with each of the departments to explain the design & drawings, exceeding my expectations.

The best part of Creo Homes is, they take our dream home into a realistic design and during each stage of design they never hesitant to re-draw as many times as needed to meet our requirements. They also provide their expert advice and give us suggestions on our needs that very well suites the plot, overall sq feet and budget expectations.The 3D Elevation layout, we all liked it very much and I didn't even mention any changes to it.

Since my neighbor is into construction contract work for more than 25 years, I went with him for the construction contract. It was a challenging sloped plot and foundation work just got completed now. Ms. Neethu from Creo homes was always available on phone whenever any clarifications or changes were needed on the structural design. She also followed up regularly with the Contractor Chettan on the progress. Additionally, there are site visits from Creo Homes supervisor during each significant stages to ensure everything is as per the design and two of the site visits completed as part of foundation work already. For my Contractor Chettan, the best part with Creo is that the detailed drawings provided by them. From setout drawings to roof design, there are detailed drawings for each and everything like column footing, plinth beam, retention wall, brick layout, joinery details, windows and doors design, staircase structure, plumbing and electrical details along with concrete ratios and steel bar measurements etc. He was saying that, in his 25 years of construction work, he had seen very rarely such a detailed plan provided by the architectural engineers and it made his life very easy with my construction work. He added that he will recommend Creo Homes to any others as well. Overall, I am very much satisfied with Creo. The only thing that was in my perception that did not go well with Creo was the time required for design work. Before I dialed Creo's number for the design work, my perception was that the design will be ready within a week or max by two. But the floor plan, and multiple discussions and changes as per my needs, suggestions from Creo, detailed drawings including sanction drawings etc, it took nearly 2 months to get the full set of design & detailed drawings. Now I realize that the wait was really worth, a good design is the backbone of our dream home and it needs real worth time to complete the design. Again, Creo was flexible to provide the centerline diagram and set out plan ahead of their drawing schedule as I required it for the foundation stone laying ceremony that I had planned.
I will be recommending Creo to my friends, relatives and anyone who asks my opinion about the design of my home. I really hope, the same experience continues for them as well and exceed their expectations for their dream home design!!!

Mr. Philipose Jacob & FamilyChennithala

It was a genuine pleasure to have M/s. Creo Homes Pvt Ltd, Ernakulam, Kerala, INDIA build our new home in Chennithala, Mavelikkara.
Right from the start, you put us at ease by understanding our needs including budget, time frame, quality materials, and least but not last the high quality and skilled craftsmanship of your various team members. You proved to all of us here at home that my decision to build with you was the right choice.

Now nestled in my beautiful home I have time to reflect about our journey. The last 3 years have been very eventful, though the House warming got delayed due to unforeseen COVID 19 circumstances, you were punctual, professional, kind and understanding. I could not be happier with my home, the interaction I have had with you is genuine, honest and kind. I would highly recommend M/s. Creo Homes for any construction project.
Thank you so much for this wonderful journey because the journey became just as wonderful as the finished product. Many of you have been directly and indirectly involved in our House Construction; please take this as our personal thank you note to all management and staff.

Mr. Vishesh Mohan & FamilyEttumanoor

Early 2021 we saw a single-story home built by Creo homes on 'Veedu online' website. It was a creation that generated an urge to build to have a home built back home in India. I showed the details of that house that I saw to my wife. Coincidently she recognized the house to be a picture she saved on her phone two years ago as she has a habit of saving pictures of home designs, kitchen designs that impress her. She showed me the same house elevation that she saved in 2019. Deja Vu !!! We both agreed it's not a mere coincidence but is a sign from God showing its time. We Live in Los Angeles, California and we were concerned about how we will effectively communicate or receive their services being abroad. All our communication was via phone or emails so far. We contacted Creo homes in March 2021, spoke to Jinu (Sales coordinator) who gave us information about all the services they provide. I should say she is very patient with customers and advocates for us without being pushy.

After we signed the contract for the Architectural design services, Jisney (Customer Services) comes in and help us with coordinating various departments to get all the requirements that we are looking into to develop the floor plan and the 3D elevations. Jisney is very responsive if we need help throughout. Sreerag (Chief Architect) contacted us to explore our needs and suggesting options to finally come up with something even more impressive than what we expected. Sreerag is a very down-to-earth, polite, and soft-spoken person who sometimes even helps us comfort ourselves in our 'anxy-moments'. We are so pleased with his demeanor. Vishnu (3D elevation designer) offered a very trendy and current appealing design for us initially. Unfortunately, we were still traditional design lovers, and especially the Changanassery house by Creo Homes is lingering in us, we had to respectfully request few modifications to match the home that got us close to Creo Homes. Vishnu was very open to spending, maybe the same amount of time he spent on the excellent design he offered to us initially and designed our finalized elevation after few telephone interactions fetching our feedback on each change he makes. After finalizing our elevation, Neethu (Architectural designer) helped us with all the government building sanctioning proceedings. Neither is a very dedicated and committed talent who made herself available to help Creo Home customers even if it's a little out of office hours IST (We live in Pacific Time, which is literally opposite times for night and day). I should use a phrase here about Neethu, "Man of few words but very efficient". We thank you Neethu, for helping us to obtain the building permit and further. Overall, being far away did not affect any of these achievements. I am writing this interim review on our experience with Creo Homes because I would like others to know how satisfied we are with the services we have received so far at this time when we just laid our first stone for our house this month. I am very impressed by how effectively and cohesively each one at Creo Homes works to create dream homes for each of their customers. I hope the above-mentioned Creo Team members are adequately get recognized and appreciated for their talent by their organization and customers like me.

Mr. Byju Pappachan & FamilyPandalam

I highly recommend Creo Homes for any body who would like to build their dream home. They have very good team who are professionals, responsible and good to work with. I have never seen my home till they finish and handover as i was out of country.

Mr. Johny C P & FamilyMulanthuruthi

Thank you to the entire Creo Home team, who put in their efforts to make my beautiful home. It is an excellent construction and interior works. It’s a clear reflection of quality works and professionalism. Construction, plumbing, electrical works were excellent. We are fully satisfied with their works. They very clearly outlined expectations for reasonable budget and timeline, and worked with us to adjust and fine-tune both as needed. I and my family are very happy for the delivery of this beautiful home in-time. We can personally recommend to anyone for construct a dream home with Creo Homes.

Dr. Randeer Krishnan & FamilyWayanad

Dealing with creo homes has been an absolute delight.I would like to express my gratitude to the entire team especially Mr.Sreerag, the Architect and Mr.Jijo/Mr.Anson/Mr.Nikhil,the interior/exterior designers who took all my expectations into consideration and provided the excellent house design and attractive interior designs. Above all,my love and thanks to Mr.Kiran, who did an excellent supervision throughout the project execution. I really appreciate your efforts and response, thank you. Work done is completely to our satisfaction and even beyond my expectations. Thanks to entire team for the high level of professionalism you demonstrate and for the customer service. We look forward to more opportunities to refer our friends and relatives.

Mr. Sreekanth Ramesh & FamilyHaripad

It was during mid pandemic when we approached Creo homes for the construction of our vacation home in kerala near Haripad. Ms Ginu (Sales head) contacted us and explained the entire process of the construction in a very smooth and professional manner. After going through the company’s reviews, social media pages and Ms Ginu’s customer relation, we decided to pass on the contract to Creo homes for our dream vacation home. Our voyage with Creo homes went as follows:

1) Design and architecture: There is no second thought on their design and architecture. They deliver what they promise. You will find them as one of the best designers and architects in the country. Just look at their page and you will come to know. Give them the vision of your dream home and they will manifest it to you in the 3-D form.

2) Documentation and registration work: They have a good team to assist you in all the government related paper works making the process easy and hassle free. Also, agreements are made between the company and customer which provide a proper work procedure and payments schedule to be followed thus making the process totally trustworthy. 3) Constructions & operations : Ms Veena was incharge of our project operations. Extremely dedicated and hardworking staff from Creo. She sincerely followed up all the work making sure there wasn’t any kind of difficulties to the client. They have a good team of labourers at the site. We never had any issue with any of the labourers working at our site.Construction materials used were of good quality as promised. Every stage of work is being updated on a regular basis with photos and videos.Ms Jisny made sure that the practice was followed directly from the site. We appreciate Ms Jisny for her timely updates. 4) Interior designing : We never thought of handing over our beautiful home to any other company for interior work. Creo homes is know for their majestic interior works and design. Refer to their social media page for the design they deliver. Its the same thing, they deliver what they promise. Appreciate designer Mr Kiran’s hardwork and dedication to follow up things. 5) Customer relationship : we sincerely thank Ms Ginu , Ms Veena, Ms Jisny for all the cooperation and assistance provided at every stage of our journey. Please note, these three staffs are an asset to the company. Additionally Mr Viju, electrician Mr Vinu, Mr Christy and ( Kirans) played a very important role in keeping up the good work at site. 6) Post work follow up: just got the project handed over. We are sure the same level of commitment will be seen for the next one year for any post correction work or defects. To be updated on the same .

Mr. Bobby Mathews Philip & FamilyKottayam - Punnavely

Creo homes made our dream home a reality!

We approached creo homes pvt limited during mid pandemic season. Mr. Arun and Ms. Ginu ( Sales Heads) contacted us and explained the entire process. The very next day creo team visited our site. The first design itself was very pleasing and there is no chance for second thought. Credit goes to Mr. Sreerag and design team. The team assisted in all the government related paper works which made our job quiet easier. Ms,Veena was incharge of our project. She whole heartedly followed up all the work. They had an excellent team of labourers at the site. Construction materials used were with high standard as promised. Mr. Viju and Mr. Blesson was always there during the entire Construction works. During each stage they stood by us. Their dedication and professionalism was outstanding. Every stage of work was being updated on a regular basis with photos.

Ms. Jisny was updating site activities daily without failure. Our heartfelt appreciation goes to her for the effort and enthusiasm. Creo homes interior works was also good. We appreciate designer Mr. Kiran's hardwork and dedication. Special thanks goes to Mr. Blesson because he was there during entire work. Thanks again to all CREO team members.

Mr. Philip George ManuelFort Kochi

I really want to thank Creo homes and there team for all the efforts they had put for handing over my home in Sep 2021. Creo homes are incredible to work with. When you put your trust in having someone build your home, you hope that the event will not be too stressful. Creo Homes are incredibly considerate and always keep the paying customer in mind. They had delivered the project above and beyond my expectations. As we reflect back on construction process of my home,I really appreciate the memorable experience ! Watching and interfacing the house daily with Creo team and seeing the successful progression from one stage to the next was both exciting and delightful! They addressed my various requests from changes of internal layout to features and additions during the construction process – showing flexibility and accommodation that is very important for overall customer satisfaction. All construction materials used were of the highest standard. Construction schedules and timing were meticulously met. The final product is outstanding! I highly recommend Creo homes and wish them all the best for their future projects.

Mr. Abdul Nameer & FamilyMalapuram

I am really thanking Creo Homes for helping us to built our home. Their designs are very beautiful and well considered awesome ambiance what we looked for. Every small element on the design are able to execute as it is. They are very professional, good customer service and very helping team. I am very satisfied customer and highly recommending them.

Mr. Aji Sadanandan & FamilyEdapally

Myself Aji Sadanandan, Kochi, would like to share my experience with Creo Home, Kochi, who had built my dream house in Kochi- Edappally. I had shared design for my house, which they suggested improvements exceeding my imagination and also within my budget. The structure build and material used were of good quality and would sustain for a long time without maintenance Even though I was abroad, while the house was built myself and my family did not have any tension about the quality and progress of work. The execution and skill man ship of the workforce was very professional. I was surprised when Creo Homes regularly called me to give feedback about building progress and also responded to my calls promptly. The house was delivered on time and till date after 2.5 years, I have not faced any issues regarding maintaining the house The satisfaction I and my family got with Creo Homes who built our dream house, makes Creo Homes my first choice whenever I plan my second house.

Mr. Prasanth R S and FamilyTrivandrum

When i thought of constructing my new home, i started searching on Google for a good design. I found Creo Homes designs are more attractive. I contacted them, they visited my site, asked me about my requirements and they gave me a wonderful beautiful design. When it became real everyone said the same "its beautiful". Thanks team Creo Homes.

Mr. Jaimon Mathew and FamilyPuthupally

We are thankful to the entire team of Creo Homes for making this journey of building our home a memorable one with beautiful memories. After a great search of architects, we ended up with Creo Homes, with lots of hesitation. But after we received the first draft drawing, we felt confident that they were the perfect architect for our dream home. They were keen in listening to our requirements for our home and making it a reality. They made the entire planning and the elevation design in a very pleasant manner. The entire team was reliable, dedicated, highly efficient and well-organized. They were entirely supportive and thoughtful of our ideas. Even in the Covid lockdown period they had managed to support us to continue the work. We are extremely thankful to Mr. Sreerag, Mr. Anson, Mr. Nikhil and Mrs. Neethu for their professional contribution. We are especially thankful to Mr. Arun for his immense support throughout the entire project. Wishing Creo Homes all the very best for each and every one of their future endeavors and may they achieve greater heights in the future!

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